Friday, January 25, 2008

The shoulders of giants...

As I implied in my first post, I'm not going to expend energy listing every single founding father of rock and roll. Here are a few indelible performances by a few of the best, however...

Woody Guthrie

"This land is your land"

"At my window sad and lonely"
- Billy Bragg & Wilco, from recovered lost lyrics by Woody Guthrie

Robert Johnson


Louis Jordan

"Jumpin' At The Jubilee"


Ray Charles
- The man who was the bridge between r & b, soul and rock and roll - at his raucous best.
"Mess Around"

Elvis Presley
- He's too obvious as the catalyst for the cultural earthquake that was rock and roll for me to list his classic early work. Below you'll find my favorite song by the truck driver from Tupelo who shares my birthday...

"Suspicious Minds"

Fats Domino

"Ain't that a shame"

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